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Pick-up and return service (on demand)
We will take care of your car’s servicing needs so that you don’t have to spend your precious work or leisure time at the workshop.

On-location test driving (on demand)
Pick a model that you like, and we will arrange for a test drive at your home or workplace, so you don’t need to waste time getting to the dealership.

Contact person who speaks languages
Our sales representatives speak English, and often other foreign languages, which means smoother administration and no misunderstandings.

Scheduled appointments, mobile sales
Schedule an appointment with our sales representatives and you can skip waiting; or ask them to come to your home or workplace to discuss details.

Toyota Casco

The Toyota Casco insurance scheme will provide you with a comprehensive coverage and will pay compensation for collision damages, theft, elemental damages and window damages. There are several different deductible schemes so you can pick out the one that suits your needs best. Window damages are covered with zero deductibles.

Rental Car Reimbursement
If your car has suffered collision or elemental damages and must be repaired your insurance policy will reimburse your car rental    costs for a reasonable length of time, but not more than five days, and at a maximum rate of HUF 5000 per day.

Brand Loyalty Insurance
If your vehicle has sustained collision damages so severe that repair is not feasible (write-off), we would like to offer our assistance in purchasing your new car. If you choose Toyota again, your insurance will not only cover your due damages but you will also receive a payment to the sum of 10% of the original purchase price of your previous Toyota vehicle.

Halved deductible
If you take your car to an official Toyota repair shop we will pay half of the minimum deductibles, as set in your insurance policy. That means a significant reduction of your own repair costs.

Repair shop delivery
Any expenses incurred during roadside hauling, storage or delivery of your vehicle to a Toyota repair shop will be reimbursed to a maximum of HUF 100,000.

Active settlement of claims
If your vehicle is damaged by a third party person with proper liability insurance coverage, and if he or she admits to being liable for the damages, Toyota Casco will handle all related administration. Take your car to a Toyota repair shop and we’ll take care of both the repairs and the administration, and will settle the claims with the insurance company of the liable party.
This saves you time and resources.

Reimbursement of value as new
If your car is stolen within one year after registration, or if it sustains collision damages so severe that repair would not be feasible (write-off), we will pay you the original purchase price of your vehicle (original receipt required), minus the deductibles.

No obsolescence reimbursement
Within the Toyota Casco scheme we will use original Toyota parts for all repairs, but unlike other insurance policies we will not be concerned with the value difference between the new part and the old, used and replaced part. That means you will not have to pay for the added value that comes from replacing your old, damaged parts with brand new authentic Toyota parts.

Toyota Casco and Liability Insurance – Combined package
Combine your Toyota Casco with a liability insurance cover and you can receive further discounts at every Toyota dealership in Hungary.
Combined discounts may give you a maximum of 50% reduction off your liability insurance fees.


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