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– The Toyota Sakura will assist you in choosing the model that best suits your taste and needs.

Pricing and Offer
– The selected retailer will calculate the purchase price of the selected vehicle with full consideration to your needs and requirements.
– You will receive a price offer within 24 hours, either via e-mail or in person, whichever is more convenient to you.

Signing the Contract
– Your contracting partner will be Toyota Motor Hungary Kft but you can trust us to take care of all related details and tasks.

Down Payment (Bank Transfer) and Ordering of the Vehicle
– After your vehicle is configured,we will place an order with Toyota Motor Hungary Kft.
-The order will be finalised after a 20% down payment on the full purchase price is paid to Toyota Motor Hungary Kft via bank transfer.

Toyota Motor Hungary Kft will need the following documents
– One (1) copy of the original sales contract
– Copies of the client’s identification documents (e.g diplomatic passport, MFA ID, etc)
– Protocol from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (3 original copies)
– Statements and authorizations, provided by Toyota Motor Hungary Kft.
– VPID customs identification number
– Status verification (in case a Hungarian diplomat seeks to take the car abroad)

Vehicle Arrival, Customs Clearance, Technical Examination
The vehicle will be received and cleared at and by Lagermax Autótranszport Kft and its customs office, provided all required documents are available:
For purchases by a foreign diplomat:

1. For cars made in Europe:
Commission for Tax warehouse inbound processing
Commission for Tax warehouse outbound processing
Commission for vehicle delivery
Statement on further customs administration

2. For cars made outside of Europe (Turkey, Japan, South-Africa):
Commission for bonded warehouse inbound processing
Commission for bonded warehouse outbound processing
Commission for vehicle delivery

For purchases by a Hungarian diplomat:
Guarantee (IBUSZ or Royalsped)
Copy of personal documents (ID, passport)
Copy of tax ID
Code for Receiving Customs Office

Delivery of Vehicle to the Dealer, Installation of Accessories
The vehicle may only be delivered to the dealer (alongside all required documents) if Toyota Motor Hungary Kft has received the full payment of the purchase price. When payment is completed our dealer will install all original Toyota accessories you may have ordered.

Registration and Delivery to Customer
You may have the car registered in Hungary yourself if you so wish, but our dealer will be happy to administer the procedure for you. You can take delivery of the vehicle at the site of your chosen dealer or, if you find that more convenient, it can be delivered to you at a time and place of your choice.

Subsequent Administration of Customs Duties, VAT, Registration Tax
In order to ensure exemption from customs duties, VAT and registration tax the vehicle must be presented to the Customs Directorate for Exclusive Matters and Taxpayers (“KAVIG”) of the National Tax and Customs Authority (“NAV”). This is the responsibility of the client.
(KAVIG’s address is: 1135 Budapest, Frangepán út 87.)


Toyota Sakura Kft.
Szőlőkert u. 1
H-1033 Budapest

Diplomat sales representative

Mobile: +36 20 942 5326


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